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Veronica R. is a italian freelance digital artist & graphic designer who has decided to help writers find the perfect cover for their books. She dreams to become a writer herself, and meanwhile creates covers and illustrations. Being a booklover herself, she understands what people really like and want in a book's cover. She lives with her boyfriend and their dogs in Italy by the sea.

Europe, Italy. Birth: 1991.

Netbook HP Pavilion 17, Graphic Tablet (Wacom), Photoshop CC, SAI, music and a lot of black tea.


Italian, english and a (very) bit of spanish.

About the payment:
The price depends on cover, but I usually set every work at 50 bucks/euro.
Only by Paypal

Covers for your ebooks, back covers and spine for paper versions, similar covers for the sequels, headers for social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. And, of course, modifications along the work to the perfect cover you requested.

If you have some question, feel free to contact me.